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Park West Veterinary Associates

Soft Tissue Surgery

We have a spacious dedicated surgery suite and the advanced equipment needed to perform most surgeries. Our doctors are proficient in many soft tissue surgeries, including spays and neuters, enterotomies and gastrotomies, cystotomies, splenectomies, gastropexies, tumor removals, and many more. Also, we can perform surgeries to improve conformation problems such as inverted eyelids or narrow nares, and we can perform soft palate surgery to enable some dogs to breathe better. The training we go through allows us to continually improve.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying or Neutering is very important in controlling the pet population as well as reducing unwanted behaviors. Our goal is to not only spay or neuter your pet but have the process be as safe and comfortable for them as possible. We take several precautions to be sure that happens. For example, we place an IV catheter in every patient which provides fluids before, during, and after anesthesia. Our doctors wear a sterile gown and gloves and use a sterile instrument and suture pack for each surgery. We have a dedicated surgery room which is cleaned specifically for this purpose. Each pet has their blood pressure, oxygen/CO2 level, temperature, heart rate and rhythm (EKG) measured throughout surgery to ensure safety and ideal anesthetic depth.

We also focus on pain management by providing three different pain medications during surgery. All animals go home with post-op pain medications for their recovery. The sutures we use are buried under the skin and dissolve on their own, so they don't have any external sutures to lick. Your pet comes into the hospital in the morning and goes home that same afternoon, and most act like they never had surgery by the following afternoon.