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Park West Veterinary Associates

Integrative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine utilizes acupuncture, herbal medication and food therapy as its foundation for treatment. The hope for Dr. Decker is to bring integrative medicine to the forefront of patient care so that your pet doesn’t just lack illness but has a balanced and whole life. Alongside western medicine’s diagnostics and fast acting practices (surgery, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals), TCVM provides the ability to be proactive in keeping your pet healthy as well as give a longer runway of options when it comes to treating illness (all while being non-invasive with few to no side effects). Because there are so many ways to care for and treat your pet, Dr. Decker aims to work alongside you in creating a plan that suits your pet’s needs and your capacity.


Two Park West Veterinary Associates staff supporting a dog.

Veterinary acupuncture stimulates the release of the body’s own pain relieving and anti-inflammatory substances. The relaxation of the muscles at the needle insertion site creates both a local and generalized pain relieving effect. Veterinary acupuncture improves tissue blood flow, oxygenation, and removal of metabolic wastes and toxins. Unlike prescription and over the counter medications, acupuncture lacks potential adverse side effects for your pet’s internal organs. Veterinary acupuncture is safe to do in combination with your pet’s medications and supplements and and be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

With our Summus Class IV Laser we are able to use light therapy to induce photochemical reactions in the body on the molecular and cellular levels. This form of therapy assists with reducing pain and inflammation, accelerating tissue healing and increasing circulation.

Veterinary Medical Manipulation

(Animal Chiropractor Care)

Two Park West Veterinary Associates staff supporting a dog.

Veterinary Medical Manipulation (VMM) involves manipulating and adjusting the spine and other joints through high velocity, low amplitude thrusts. This corrects restrictions so that the patient can move freely, prevent cartilage degeneration and adhesions, restore normal circulation and muscle tone and inhibit nociception and pain.

Assisi Loop Treatment

The Assisi Loop treatment is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that enhances cellular pathways involved in decreasing inflammation. It has also been shown to accelerate healing. This therapy is a safe and effective approach to pain management and is a great alternative or compliment to pharmaceutical therapies aimed at reducing pain and inflammation. This therapy can be utilized in the comfort of your own home.