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Park West Veterinary Associates

Skin & Ears

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and when it isn’t healthy, it causes discomfort for your pet. Animals can experience itching, flaking, redness, pain, odor changes, and texture changes that can make them quite uncomfortable. Some of the causes of skin disease in pets include allergies, environmental triggers, fleas, ticks, mites, autoimmune skin disease, bacterial and yeast infections, and masses. Our veterinarians are trained to recognize when your pet is uncomfortable and know how to work up your pet and formulate a treatment plan to make their skin healthy, coat shiny, and comfortable again.

Otitis externa (ear infection) is one of the most common diseases we treat. It is often due to an underlying allergy or an environmental trigger such as excessive moisture or heat. It often results in shaking and rubbing of the ears or face and can be quite bothersome for your pet. During an exam, we use an instrument called an otoscope to visualize your pet’s ear canal and eardrum. In an infected ear, we perform a test called ear cytology to find out exactly what kind of infection your pet has whether it is due to ear mites, a yeast infection, or a bacterial infection. Our goal in treating your pet's ears is to not only treat the current disease but to prevent future infections by addressing the underlying cause. We will often recommend an allergy workup, ensure that the ears are being cleaned and treated appropriately, and recommend the most effective medication for your pet.