Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Rush Family

We have been incredibly fortunate to have the team at Park West Veterinary Associates by our side through all our questions and requests, accidents and injuries, joys and heartbreaks of having pets as part of our family.

  • They held our hands and helped heal our hearts when we lost our loving Hogan after 12 years.
  • They taught us how to care for the tiny little 4-week-old feral kitten that just appeared in our yard one day.
  • They guide us on how to keep our sweet old dog, Huckleberry, going strong thru all his 'sen-ior issues'.
  • And they have definitely helped us stay sane with our new 2-year-old lab, Sally, who we brought home from the Charleston Humane Society.

When we moved here 6 years ago, we realized very quickly that it was not just the doctors at Park West that make a difference, but every last person we came in contact with; from the mo-ment our telephone call is answered we are treated like family and the honest and sincere care of their entire team comes across with every call, conversation, and visit.

We also love that they approach every medical situation we have with an open mind and offer us treatment options that we can feel comfortable with.

We wanted to find a practice that loved our children - I mean pets - as much as we did, and we absolutely found that with Park West Veterinary Associates!!

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Esoldo Family

"With 4 dogs in the house, it seems like we always need something from Park West Vet. Whether someone just ate a dozen markers, has cancer, gets badly injured in a case of sibling rivalry gone horribly wrong, or just needs a regular checkup, Park West has been there for us. We've been taking our crew here since we moved to Mount Pleasant in 2013 and have seen every vet in the house (more than once).

Dr. Jay helped us through end-of-life care with our precious Stella Blue. He and the rest of the staff were so sympathetic, and made a very difficult time a little easier. Less than a year later, it was thanks to his proactive approach that helped us catch nasal cancer in our sweet Meadow. We were able to get her treatment. Following that, Dr Pate worked with us for holistic therapies to keep her healthy and extend her remission. Dr. Pate has also been nothing short of a miracle worker for Meadow, who also has painful back issues. Her massage and acupuncture therapy have turned back the clock and our old girl is a playful pup again.

I can't say enough good things about Park West Vet, from the front desk to the vet techs to the doctors. They are all wonderful and take care of our dogs as if they were their own."

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Wilkerson Family

"We found Park West Vet in 2008 and have been taking our two dogs (Grady and Pop-py) and cat (Walter) there since. The entire team has become like a family to us over the years, which is so important especially since the boys are getting older! The office is always so positive and cheery, which really eases our minds as pet parents and relaxes our boys.

I always know I can trust the doctors at Park West Vet because they've taken the time to get to know our family. I'm so thankful that we have Park West Vet close by to love and care for our fur-children!"

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Ashley Family

Our dog, Moose, and cat, Theodore (Ted), absolutely love Park West Vet. From day one, we were treated like family. They truly care for your pets as if they are taking care of their own. While we primarily see Dr. Butler or Dr. Lester, the rest of the staff is so kind and treats you and your pets with the utmost love and respect. Moose and Ted never want to leave and neither do we!

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Crompton Family

"We have taken our sweet girl, Bella, to Park West Veterinary for a couple of years now. We were looking for a vet who would develop a relationship with our pet and treat her like one of their own and we definitely found that in Park West Veterinary. Park West Vet is so great with all of their furry patients. Bella loves everyone there; the entire staff is so nice and makes Bella (and her humans) feel extremely comfortable during each visit. Bella always seems to work up a treat at each visit, and it doesn't hurt that she can see the jar in the office, being the big Great Dane that she is (no hiding anything from her!) We highly recommend Park West Veterinary to anyone with fur babies.

They are THE best Vet in Charleston. Thank you for taking care of our sweet girl and loving her like she was your own!"

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

The Bellamy Family

"We have a dog and a cat that we take to Dr. Goldsmith (or Dr. Jay as his patients know him) and his staff at Park West Vet. The staff treats our animals with a gentle, caring, open-minded approach that puts us and our pets at ease each time we visit the Park West Vet office. The of-fice always has a fresh and lively feel with warm, welcoming people. The doctors at Park West vet take the time to develop relationships and present open, honest options for your pet's care. We have complete trust in Dr. Jay and are so thankful we have been able to find first class care for our four-legged family members!"

Dr. Jay Goldsmith

Windwood Farms - Home for Children

"Dear Everyone at Park West Vet, Windwood Farm Home for Children would like to thank you for seeing Lucky for his annual checkup at no cost. Our animals are not only pets to our boys but they also provide an invaluable therapy as welL They never judge or hold grudges but pro-vide unconditional love and understanding which is something many of our kids have never felt. Many times after they have left our facility they call back wanting, not to know how the staff is, but how the animals are doing. The bond that they create with our kids is invaluable and un-breakable.

We cannot thank you enough for your kind services and for loving our animals as much as we do. We are so thankful to call Park West our Vets!