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Jon and Candace Crompton

"We have taken our sweet girl, Bella, to Park West Veterinary for a couple of years now. We were looking for a vet who would develop a relationship with our pet and treat her like one of their own and we definitely found that in Park West Veterinary. Park West Vet is so great with all of their furry patients. Bella loves everyone there; the entire staff is so nice and makes Bella (and her humans) feel extremely comfortable during each visit. Bella always seems to work up a treat at each visit, and it doesn't hurt that she can see the jar in the office, being the big Great Dane that she is (no hiding anything from her!) We highly recommend Park West Veterinary to anyone with fur babies. They are THE best Vet in Charleston. Thank you for taking care of our sweet girl and loving her like she was your own!"

Kate and Scott Bellamy, Vinnie and Cher

"We have a dog and a cat that we take to Dr. Goldsmith (or Dr. Jay as his patients know him) and his staff at Park West Vet. The staff treats our animals with a gentle, caring, open-minded approach that puts us and our pets at ease each time we visit the Park West Vet office. The office always has a fresh and lively feel with warm, welcoming people. The doctors at Park West vet take the time to develop relationships and present open, honest options for your pet’s care. We have complete trust in Dr. Jay and are so thankful we have been able to find first class care for our four-legged family members!"

Winwood Farms- Home for Children

"Dear Everyone at Park West Vet, Windwood Farm Home for Children would like to thank you for seeing Lucky for his annual checkup at no cost. Our animals are not only pets to our boys but they also provide an invaluable therapy as welL They never judge or hold grudges but provide unconditional love and understanding which is something many of our kids have never felt. Many times after they have left our facility they call back wanting, not to know how the staff is, but how the animals are doing. The bond that they create with our kids is invaluable and unbreakable. We cannot thank you enough for your kind services and for loving our animals as much as we do. We are so thankful to call Park West our Vets!

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